Royal Palace Mosaic Table Top 81219


Handmade Royal Palace Mosaic Table Top 81219

Handmade ten pointed star with embellishing laces Moroccan mosaic table top.  Design from Fez with a lot of complexity and requires high craftsmanship and lot of patience to make.  Not every tile maker can reproduce this manually even in the heart of Fez.  We are so proud of our manufactures Maroc Architecture et Zellij from Fez.

Available sizes:

  •  24" or 600mm, 31" or 800mm, 39" or 1000mm, 47" or 1200mm.
  • Can also be made in your custom size and shape


  • As shown
  • Custom colors.  We offer the option to change colors at no extra cost, giving our customers the opportunity to personalize their mosaic colors.  See all our standard colors listed on our  color palette

Table Base: 

  • 30" or 760 mm high folding base made hollow round tubing metal. Base color is black

Production timeline:  

  • Made to order.  Timeline is 2 to 3 weeks for production.

Shipping timeline:  

  • Air shipping timeline is one week
  • Consolidated estimated shipping timeline is 4 to 6 weeks

Returns: This sale is final and we will not accept any returns. 
Questions: - Tel: +1 (619) 246 3109
This Moroccan mosaic tile table is 100% Handmade by highly skilled artisans in Morocco using the same techniques used to make tile and mosaics in the infamous Alhambra and AlCazar Palaces in Spain in the 13th century.