What is Zellij tile?

Zellij is amongst the first glazed mosaic tiles used in buildings as floor and wall coverings. It is 100 percent handmade glazed ceramic tile and mosaics, using nothing but natural sun, kiln fire, clay, pigments, and hand forged steel chisels to cut the Zellij into mosaic shapes.

Many historic buildings in both Morocco and Spain display extensive and lavish use of Zellij inside with intricate shapes and designs, and elaborate lively gardens.

Alhambra - Wikipedia

Alcázar of Seville - Wikipedia

Ben Youssef Madrasa - Wikipedia

Zellij are tiles made from blonde clay collected exclusively in the quarries of Fes, Morocco. Zellij making process is lengthy and laborious and entirely manual. Customers patience is required and highly appreciated.

What makes Fez clay tile become art is its geometry and the tile body/texture. From simple to more sophisticated geometric shapes that interlock to create form in a variety of simple and complex harmonious designs.

Sacred and well balanced polygonal structure geometry, with it's shimmery surface that captures and reflects the light differently whether it is day or night, making it alive thru the moving light. Its texture is irregular which makes it ideal frottage project surface.

Offering the capabilities to cut and assemble any geometric shape even for small projects makes Zellij very versatile; From basic squares to intricate polygons and stars. It also adapts well to modern shapes and designs while keeping production traditional and authentic as always.

Zellij tile is architecturally sought after for its texture, forms, irregularities, and color variations. You can add a sense of earthy elegance in your modern newly acquired or remodeled house.

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All our products are made in Morocco. All items are shipped form Morocco.

Zellij was called once the tile for kings and queens since it took a lot of human resources and extensive manpower to make.

It is due to its specialty and scarcity since only a few well seasoned artisans can actually produce authentic quality Zellij. It takes a lot of skills to master the art of making Zellij. The potters rely a lot on sunshine, and extensive manual skills and variable techniques to form the clay, shape it, sun dry it, and then bake it a high temperatures in traditional beehive shaped kilns to turn it into a solid building material.

Zellij is then cut manually to size into different shapes using nothing more than a super sharp chisel that cuts thru the tile like a sharp surgical knife to form intricate interlocking shapes to form infinite mosaic designs. The last phase is where Zellij is assembled based on our space when it will be installed.

Who is My Moroccan Tile

My Moroccan Tile is a family owned business that specializes in handmade Zellij and architectural elements. Since 2007 we have been producing and exporting premium quality Zellij for international projects.

We offer many solutions for your Zellij project. whether it's a small private kitchen backsplash, a bathroom wainscot project, or a fancy hotel or a spa, or a spiritual space, we have the right experienced team standing behind you in order to make your vision a reality.

My Moroccan tile is located in Fez as well as Temara, Morocco with a sales office in Portland, Oregon. USA and Oman

When you buy from My Moroccan Tile, you will buy directly from the source. It is cheaper of course!

Our company has a talented specialized Zellij team that has the capabilities to custom make your tiles based on your applications.

My Moroccan Tile uses premium pure Fez clay, most durable premium glazes, and high quality control standards and we never cut corners.

MMT offers custom fitted assembly which means, mosaics are assembled based on your space's dimensions and particularities saving you an average of 15% on extra waste that you don't need to buy and also making the panels in interlocking sections for ease of installation.


- 2 to 4 weeks for handmade Zellij tiles which do not require assembly.

- 4 to 6 weeks for all items which require assembly

Local holidays as well as production log may affect production timeline and clients are advised to order sooner to avoid delays.

- 7 to 10 business days for all air shipments.

Shipments are delivered to your house or project site door to door delivery service via DHL or other express carriers

- 4 to 6 weeks transit timeline for ocean freight shipments.

Shipments are delivered to the closest port to your project address. Client needs to file customs paperwork, clear shipment and coordinate delivery from port to your project site, or hire a customs broker to do so.

Maritime shipments are especially more valuable for heavy shipments such as fountains and 250 square feet or more of tile.


Yes you may order samples online. However, your samples might not reflect your actual or anticipated order. Since your order and the samples might be made from different tile batches which always have variations.

It is best to place your order first and request photos of your order's control samples which we always make prior to assembly and shipping. This is a true sample that represents best your order's texture, colors, etc.

Colors and texture

No they are not. Moroccan tile is baked in wooden kilns which creates great color variations.

Color variations are part of handmade Moroccan tiles. Variations in colors, shapes and texture are inherent to the nature of handmade Moroccan tile Any imperfections or shade variations are natural and add to the charm of our handmade tiles

The glazed Zellij surface is imperfect, shimmery and reflective. This is a great characteristic of this handmade tile.


Walls and low traffic floors indoor and outdoor. Zellij tiles are suitable for your bathroom, kitchen, living room, hallways, garden, pool, etc. It is a medium strength covering material.

All our mosaics and Zellij can be used as field tiles, some can be made into mosaic borders, floor medallions, fountains, wall features, swimming pool waterline, columns, base board, wainscot, backsplash, and more It is basically an open source for the creative designer to create luxurious spaces either with a classy traditional touch or a slick modern appeal


You may place your order online by adding quantity needed and proceed to checkout. You may add a note to your order during checkout if you want to change colors or special request. Our production team will contact you to finalize design prior to production.

Quantity + to add to cart:

*All mosaics and Zellij quantities are per square foot

*All hand painted tiles, tables, fountains quantities are per unit or each.

* Mosaic borders are sold per linear foot

You may also send your requirements via our contact page and someone will help you placing your order.

We accept checks, bank transfers, PayPal and major credit cards.

Our products will be made especially for you.  Once order has been placed, we cannot accept returns, refunds or exchanges


You have 24 hours to check and inspect your shipment for damage during transit. Please inspect your order as soon as you receive it. Installation of tile is acceptance of shipment.

All damages should be reported within 24 hours to be considered.

If you notice damage during delivery do not accept delivery and mention damage to trucking company.

if you discover a damage after unpacking, take photos and notify us via email.

Do not discard crating and packing materials.

We usually file an insurance claim and help you repair or replace damaged tiles.

We do not offer returns or discounts for damages and we only fix or replace damaged tiles to help you finish your project properly.

Installation and Maintenance

1- Unpack shipment

2- layout tile flat on clean and flat surface

3- Plan your installation always starting from the center.

4- Apply grout and voila!

If tile panels are bowing or cracked, DO NOT attempt to fix. Contact us immediately for instructions on how to handle it